In English

Katalin GECSEI certified freelance commercial translator, journalist and export consultant will write articles, translate into Hungarian and publish press releases, websites, texts and images of innovative foreign products in her blog introducing business opportunities to Hungarian businessmen, wholesalers, distributors, importers and those seeking opportunity to represent foreign companies in Hungary.

At request, she will also place distributor search ads in Hungarian electronic marketplace for entrepreneurs, personally show your product samples and conduct local mailings to potential local buyers on your behalf, and provide support services from her homeoffice. Due to her multilingual Internet research skills and international life and work experience she can also search for potential business addresses for your products in German-, English- and Dutch-speaking territories in Europe.

In her blog she introduces especially inventions and innovative products and services in the following areas:

– pain reducing and health products,
– eco, natural products, circular economy products,
– lifestyle products,
– interior design, interior decoration,
– gardening, home, garden, landscaping,
– leisure time, sports,
– handicrafts, smaller industry, creative businesses,
– food and drink,
– etc.

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